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Anyone looking for Betandwin (bet and win) on the internet is always looking for a large betting provider. With Betandwin is meant in most cases also Bewin, one of the largest online bookmakers worldwide. In 2006, the listed betting operator Bwin held a major general meeting in which all participants decided to rename the company name "BetandWin" to Bwin. Why the big and reputable bookmaker has decided to give up his company name is still unknown. A big advantage of the new name Bwin, it is shorter and therefore better to remember. All in all, this name change did not harm bwin, because even after the name change, Bet and win was one of the most popular betting providers among the betting friends in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But Bewin has also been known throughout the world and has become one of the most important betting providers. Who wants to complete sports betting on the Internet, can not ignore Bwin. Today, Bwin has more than 10 million members and it's getting bigger every day. No wonder, because Bet and win is characterized by its great betting offer. More than 30,000 sports bets in more than 90 sports are presented on Bwin every day. The technical level of the online bookmaker is unparalleled, the graphics of the web presence and the structure of the many sports betting are unique. In addition to sports bwin, you will also find the popular Bet and Win poker offer and the Bet and Win online casino with a large selection of casino games.
The young, modern and innovative company Bwin has been able to constantly increase the company's success through a well thought out and progressive advertising strategy. Not for nothing is Bwin next to other betting providers worldwide the largest and most experienced online bookmaker.